Povelja.jpg medalje.jpg We are "Nox-Poli", amateur Samoyed breeders. The Samoyeds are not our business, they are our love and our lives. The Samoyeds are our family members, from the just born puppies to the oldest members of our pack.
We are living in a small city named Đurđevac, situated in the northwestern part of Croatia.

Snježana fall in love with Samoyeds when we brought the first puppy in our home, 22 years ago.
Franjo is spending less time with the dogs because of his job but the most of his free time belongs to them. In year 2008 he was honored with Diploma of Croatian Kennel Club for his work for prosperity of Croatian cynology and after that in 2011 with The Silver and again in 2016 with Gold Medal of Croatian Kennel Club. Although Franjo's name is on the awards, a big part of merit belongs to Snježana and all awards are results of our "team work".
Also, he is recognized as FCI judge for complete FCI Group V and complete FCI group IV and FCI group VIII (Sec.1 & 3). Since the time when he was promoted in judge, he judged in Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Hungary.
His biggest honour was judging at National Samoyed Championship Show 2016 held in Australia, triennial show organized by the New South Wales Samoyed Club.

Nina is our daughter. She has been living with Samoyeds for almost her whole life. She is living in Zagreb now.

We always groom, prepare and handle our dogs for the ring ourselves. Also, we are always very eager to use our expeirences to help other owners, to present their dogs in the best way possible. Many puppies bred in our home but belong to other owners have been presented at shows by us with great successes.
Our goal is to breed healthy and joyful Samoyeds. Our wish for "Nox-Poli" Samoyeds is that they are winners in the ring and as well as in their owners heart.

The beginning:
In 1995 we purchased two month old Samoyed puppy for our daughter. The puppy's name was Jolly-Dolly Eskimo (Bella)
She was an excellent bitch which gave us our first champions. Jolly Dolly Eskimo died on the 1st of November 2002. The years spent with Bella were really nice, she has shown us all Samoyeds best characteristics; excellent, sensitive friend with everybody, playful, and loyal friend to our daughter, Nina.
In 1998. we decided to register our kennel under HKS and FCI and that is the story how kennel "Nox-Poli" started.
Today, after more than 20 years with Samoyeds we can proudly say that Samoyeds improved our lives and help us to make plenty friends all around the world.

Link to: Champions bred in our home

They are living with us:


Int.Ch; Multi J-Ch; Multi-Ch Nox-Poli Florence is bred in our home and she is very successful in the rings.
Int.Ch; Ch-Hr; Ch-Srb Nox-Poli Tammy is our breed, Teddy's sister. She is in show rings very seldom, but she is very successful and became Int.Ch. after showing only at four shows in three countries!/td>
JCh-Hr Madonna is female imported from Italy.
JCh-Hr Ava is female bred in our home and future star of show rings as well as her sisters.
JCh-Hr Maya is female imported in our kennel. She is daughter of Int.Ch. Nox-Poli Winsome Winnie and WW; Int.Ch. Anatina Duran-Duran. Unfortunately due an incident she didn't visit shows since her baby age


EuJW; Int.Ch; Multi JCh; Multi Ch; BISS Cabaka's Hailey of Robbie arrived in our home from Denmark. We are very grateful to his breeders and his parents owners.
He has everything what we can wish, nice face, strong body, exceptional movement and incredible temper.
In only 2,5 months in show rings he was: 7 x Baby and Puppy BIS#1 and 2 x PBIS#3. His successful show time continued and before his 2nd birthday he became JCh of 7 countries and Ch-Hr and Ch-Srb.
At Eurodogshow 2010 he was BIS Baby of the Day and EuJW at Eurodogshow 2011
Int.Ch; Multi J-Ch; Multi-Ch Nox-Poli Teddy is male bred in our home. He has everything what his parents have: nice face, strong body, exceptional movement and incredible temper. The star!
Nox-Poli One
JBISS; Int.Ch; Multi-Ch Nox-Poli Witty Wally youngster male bred in our home.
He has everything what his parents have: nice face, strong body, exceptional movement and incredible temper. The Best Puppy at World Dog Show 2012. The future star!

They are waiting for us behind The Rainbow Bridge:

Ch-Hr Nox-Poli Sharon is carring new blood lines, english lines (Roybridge). She gave us 11 champions in four litters with three different males.
EuVW 2008, JCh-Hr, Ch-Hr Amor - Astra's brother from the same litter. He won Veteran class at Eurodog Show in Budapest one day after his tenth birthday.
JCh-Hr Nox-Poli Navaro was a very nice boy. He was very successfull and nice show dog.

Jolly-Dolly Eskimo (Bella) was excellent bitch which gave us our first champions.

Int.Ch, JCh-Hr, Ch-Hr Bony our first great champion. She passed accross the Rainbow bridge on 5th Nov. 2009

JCh-Hr, Ch-Hr Astra was eleven years old.

Nox-Poli Artemis was ten years old, she was excellent breeding bitch
Nox-Poli Dora was great female and went quietly as well as her mother.

JCh-Hr Pupazzo di neve di casa Kaly excellent "home dog" he earned his Croatian Junior Champion title but he doesn't like shows. He is giving nice puppies as the stud. His sons Champions; Navaro, Noble, Rynary Raiden.... have left their trace in show rings.

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